Bess Personal Letter to the highway man.

To my love,

I watched for you by morning light, you didn’t come in the dawning. But I will wait for thee till moonlight.

Though hell may bar your way, I know you will come to me by moonlight. 

Tim the Ostler came to me again. I could smell him from a mile away, yet I could not turn and run away, as my father was watching from afar.

Yet his face, usually as white as clay and his dirty hair that often reminded me of rotten hay, had a shine in it today. He did not greet me as he usually would and he did not try to walk beside me, but instead he smiled.

I fear for you and what will happen in the near future. But I know deep in my heart that you will come to me by moonlight and all may be alright.

Maybe it is time that we tell my father about us. Maybe if I try to explain about how much I love you he would understand and let us be together, without having to lie behind his back all the time.

Something is going to happen soon I can feel it in my bones, in the air. Something is changing and I fear that I may be too late.

Just know that if anything was to happen to you, I would never forgive myself, right now, sitting here, looking out my window, waiting for you, I hope that this will never be the case. And if something has happened to me, and you are reading this, know that I love you more than I ever knew I could love anyone.

I hope to see you by moonlight….

Someone’s coming. King Georges men.

I have to go.

With much love,

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